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CSG Demining Consultants is a world-leader in innovative, effective and efficient Landmine, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Project Risk Management.

In recent years, CSG has also expanded the scope of the benefits it delivers to clients to include the training and development of their local construction, supply and UXO Contractors

Formed 19 years ago, and a foundation member of the Australian Defence UXO Panel (now the Defence Environment and Heritage Panel), we pride ourselves on the Value we deliver around the world to clients ranging from exploration, resources and development companies to governments and international bodies and NGO.

The locations in which  CSG has delivered Landmine/UXO/Project Risk and Contractor Development support in recent years  are:

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Project Design and Management

Ensure the quality of mine/UXO services delivered meet your demanding Quality requirements >>

Tender Production and Contracting

Tenders that deliver the true scope, scale and standard of mine/UXO remediation services >>

Mine/UXO Clearance Project Management

Effectively and efficiently clear mine/UXO contamination on time and on budget >>

The International Threat

Campaign to Ban Landmines

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) in its Landmine Monitor 2011 and Cluster Munitions Monitor 2011 (www.the-monitor.org) reported that 72 countries and 7 other areas were affected by mines and UXO and more than 31 countries were affected by Cluster Munitions.

These figures do not include the many UXO-contaminated former military ranges in countries such as Australia, Canada & USA.